Learn English Irregular Verbs - Befall

befall /bɪˈfɔːl/

  • (of something bad) to happen to (someone), to take place:

    It is beyond belief how great an evil has befallen us.
    Lucinda, Cardenio, and the rest of the company, began to shed so many tears, that one would have thought some heavy disaster had befallen them all.
    Be happy that no worse befell!
    This condition actually befell a former pupil of mine whose talent plus his family's tenuous financial circumstances moved me to award him a full scholarship.
    Let me know the worst that can befall me.

Past simple

  • befell  /bɪˈfɛl/

  • befelled

Past participle

  • befallen  /bɪˈfɔːlən/

  • befelled

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