Learn English Irregular Verbs - Fling

fling /flɪŋ/

  • 1 to throw something or someone in a sudden and forceful way:

    I would not willingly fling the first stone, but if any stone be flung at me, I shall always be ready to fling it back again.
    Unhappily, one of their horses fell, and flung his rider.

  • 2 to move or do something quickly and energetically:

    He came in and flung himself down on the sofa.
    Many men flung themselves overboard.

  • 3 to say something to someone in an angry way:

    The two teachers were flinging bitter accusations at each other.

Past simple

  • flung  /flʌŋ/

Past participle

  • flung  /flʌŋ/

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