Learn English Irregular Verbs - Shed

shed /ʃed/

  • 1 to get rid of something that is no longer wanted or needed:

    As profits sagged, the company shed its non-computer-related businesses.
    Reducing your caloric intake is still the most effective way to shed unwanted pounds.

  • 2 (formal) to let something fall or to drop something:

    George shed his clothes onto the bathroom floor.

  • 3 (British English) (of a vehicle) - to lose or drop what it is carrying - a load, cargo, etc.:

    The traffic jam was caused by a lorry shedding its load.

  • 4 (plants / animals) to lose (leaves, skin, fur, etc.) naturally:

    Yearlings and lambs shed later than prime bighorn.
    The trees were starting to shed their leaves.

  • 5 to produce tears, light, blood:

    She shed a few tears at her daughter's wedding.

Past simple

  • shed  /ʃed/

Past participle

  • shed  /ʃed/

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