Learn English Irregular Verbs - Swell

swell /swɛl/

  • to become larger and rounder than normal, to increase in size or amount:

    Her knee was already starting to swell.
    Dogs also can develop abscesses - an inflammation of the tissue that makes the leg swell.
    The wood swelled after being saturated in the rain.
    It was during a dry spell in mid-June, the rainy season, when Tokusho's leg suddenly swelled up.
    Greater Dublin's population has swollen to 1.5 million; in other words, more than a third of the entire country lives here.
    The number of unemployed teachers has swollen, and it is still increasing.

Past simple

  • swelled

  • swole

  • swelt

Past participle

  • swollen  /ˈswəʊlən/

  • swelled

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