Learn English Irregular Verbs - Mistake

mistake /mɪˈsteɪk/

  • 1 To be wrong about something, to understand something or someone incorrectly:

    The teacher mistook his age.
    He thought for a moment that she had understood how he felt. But he soon realized how mistaken he was.

  • 2 Wrongly identify someone or something as someone or something else (usually + for):

    I mistook you for one of my colleagues who looks exactly like you.
    We saw the three priests, whom we mistook for butchers.
    You canít mistake her. He has short orange hair.
    Many women have had the experience of being mistaken for a boy or a man by a stranger.

Past simple

  • mistook  /mɪˈstʊk/

  • mistaked

Past participle

  • mistaken  /mɪˈsteɪkən/

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