Learn English Irregular Verbs - Retake

retake /ˌriːˈteɪk/

  • 1 take again - to get control of something (an area, a place, etc.) after loosing it:

    Finally, our team had a chance to retake the lead.
    After three nights they retook the city.
    The objective was to retake the shelters and observation points lost on 26 September.
    Without the successful employment of air power assets Britain could not have retaken the Falkland Islands.

  • 2 take again - to take an exam again because you have failed it the previous time:

    You could either retake the test or retake the entire class.
    He retook his driving test on Monday.

  • 3 take again - reshoot a picture, a scene, etc.:

    We also retook photographs at twelve other sites originally photographed between 1920 and 1980.

Past simple

  • retook  /ˌriːˈtʊk/

  • retaked

Past participle

  • retaken  /ˌriːˈteɪkən/

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