Learn English Irregular Verbs - Tear

tear /teə(r)/

  • 1 to damage something or separate it into parts by pulling it, cutting it, etc:

    Be careful not to tear your new shorts!
    Valery tore pieces oft her own shirt and bandaged Marius's wounded shoulder as well as she could.
    Gerald tore a page out of the notebook.
    The flesh was torn and bleeding.
    The skin on the shoulder has been torn by teeth.
    These doubts have torn me in two.

  • 2 to move very quickly, especially in a dangerous or careless way:

    Every time Linda sees that dog she tears back into the house.
    As soon as the water had flowed back, we tore down the hill, afraid that our camp might have been swept away.

Past simple

  • tore  /tɔː(r)/

Past participle

  • torn  /tɔːn/

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