Learn English Irregular Verbs - Tell

tell /tel/

  • 1 to say something to someone, often communicating information, a story, your feelings, etc. or giving them instructions:

    If your mother calls, tell her I'll be a little late.
    Do as I tell you!
    Tell Jane to bring the tea.
    Like a general in the army she told him exactly what to do.
    I told her that my heart was full of natural love for her, and that nothing could change that.

  • 2 to give information in ways other than talking:

    The light tells you when the machine is ready to be turned on.
    Her eyes told him she was lying.

  • 3 to know something or be able to recognize something by observing:

    Turing had explained that if you had a long conversation with a machine, and you could not tell if it was a machine or a man, then the machine was thinking.
    The mist grew thicker, and it was impossible to tell if the camera was seeing for ten centimeters or ten kilometers.

Past simple

  • told  /təʊld/

  • telled

Past participle

  • told  /təʊld/

  • telled

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