Learn English Irregular Verbs - Think

think /θɪŋk/

  • 1 to have a particular opinion or belief:

    For some reason, I keep thinking it's Sunday today.
    I thought I heard you calling my name.
    I think this is her scarf, but I'm not sure.
    People think he is one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time.

  • 2 to use your mind to consider or understand something, to form connected ideas, to try to solve problems, etc:

    He could only accept the pictures that were flooding into his mind, without attempting to think what they meant.
    He thought for a few seconds and then wrote: "I won't be home for a few days. I'm going away".
    I thought about my meeting with Bert.

  • 3 to have ideas, words or images in your mind:

    I was just thinking what a wonderful summer it was.
    There was a second when the look on his face showed what he was thinking.
    Even when he left he was still thinking about renting the room.

Past simple

  • thought  /θɔːt/

  • thinked

Past participle

  • thought  /θɔːt/

  • thinked

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