Learn English Irregular Verbs - Throw

throw /θrəʊ/

  • 1 to send something from your hand through the air with force by moving your hand or arm quickly:

    Winston wanted to hit his head against the wall, to kick the table over and throw the diary through the window anything to stop the memory of that night.
    In the end she had been unable to bear his insults any more, and she had thrown a book at him.
    He raced to the Siesta Motel and tried to wake Angel by throwing stones at her window.

  • 2 to cause to move or act quickly or carelessly:

    He threw the magazine onto the low table.
    Despite his angry words, all Mr Thornton wanted to do was to throw himself at Margaret's feet.
    It rained violently and the ship was thrown in every direction.

  • 3 to make somebody/something be in a particular state:

    Miss Blacklock had moved forward into the light thrown from the dining-room.
    The clock struck and just as it finished, the lights went out, the door was thrown open and a masked figure said, "Put your hands up!" or something like that.
    He had been thrown out of the legal profession for a series of offenses resulting from a serious drinking problem.
    At first Mrs Boynton was very kind to her, but just before the baby was born she threw the young woman out of the house.

  • 4 to make someone feel very confused:

    It threw me completely when your mother said she was coming to stay with us.

Past simple

  • threw  /θruː/

  • throwed

Past participle

  • thrown  /θrəʊn/

  • throwed

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