Learn English Irregular Verbs - Weave

weave /wiːv/

  • 1 to make something (such as cloth) by crossing threads or other long pieces of material over and under each other:

    Spiders weave magnificent webs that are almost invisible sometimes.
    He learned how to weave grass and ferns together to make a shelter.
    I received a small loom for my ninth birthday and wove cloth for the first time.

  • 2 to put a lot of different facts, ideas, events etc together and connect them smoothly into a story or a connected whole:

    My grandfather used to keep us awake at night weaving exciting stories of adventure.
    But as he wove with his hands, he also wove oral narratives: some of the best and tallest tales heard in the piney hills of North Louisiana.

Past simple

  • wove  /wəʊv/

Past participle

  • woven  /wəʊv(ə)n/

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