Learn English Irregular Verbs - Win

win /wɪn/

  • 1 to be the best or most successful and/or get a prize in a competition, game, election etc:

    Rufus Buckley would be the prosecutor, and Rufus would do everything he could to win.
    Jean Alesi and Benetton failed to win a single race during the season.
    This last image won prizes in Europe, but it was taken down from the advertising billboards in the United States because it reminded people of the days of slavery.

  • 2 to receive something positive, such as approval, loyalty, or love because because of your efforts or abilities:

    Perhaps one day, if I were kind and cheerful, I could win some love for myself.
    Would she really be able to win the trust of her new colleagues?
    Always a dangerous opponent, Rommel won respect from his enemies.

Past simple

  • won  /wʌn/

Past participle

  • won  /wʌn/

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