Learn English Irregular Verbs - Wind

wind /waɪnd/

  • 1 to follow a series of curves and turns (of a river, road, etc.):

    The path wound among olive trees.
    The river winds through the valley.

  • 2 to turn or twist (something, such as a string) several times around something:

    He gently wound the silk scarf around my neck.
    The hair is divided into sections and wound around heated rods.

  • 3 to turn part of a machine (a knob, handle, etc.) around several times, in order to make it move or start working:

    My new watch needs to be wound once every five years.
    Did you remember to wind the clock?

Past simple

  • wound  /waʊnd/

Past participle

  • wound  /waʊnd/

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