Learn English Irregular Verbs - Unwind

unwind /ˌʌnˈwaɪnd/

  • 1 to undo something that has been wrapped into a ball or around something else:

    Renik tried to unwind the strap from his wrist, but it was flesh - tight.
    The only thing to do, was to cut the cord, quickly unwind it and clamp the ends to prevent excess bleeding.
    Who unwound all the toilet paper?
    When this was done he unwound some string and tied one end to the “on” and “off” switch.

  • 2 to relax and allow your mind to be free from worry after a period of work or some other activity that has made you anxious:

    Time by yourself is one way to relax and unwind, but spending time with others -friends, family or associates - can be just as rejuvenating.
    She'd wanted to unwind from the day, but couldn't let her thoughts go.
    That was the spot where he unwound,smoked a pipe, and watched TV.

Past simple

  • unwound  /ˌʌnˈwaʊnd/

Past participle

  • unwound  /ˌʌnˈwaʊnd/

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