Learn English Irregular Verbs - Wring

wring /rɪŋ/

  • 1 to squeeze or twist especially so as to make dry or to extract moisture or liquid:

    Getting back to the wash, the last thing that had to be done was to wring the clothes and hang them to dry.
    I wrung out one sleeve at a time, then another part of the coat, then the next, until I had wrung out as much as I could.
    Every item had to be wrung out by hand.

  • 2 to get (something) out of someone or something with a lot of effort:

    It is greatly profitable, and almost invariably artistic, to wring advantage out of the disadvantages which confront you.
    I wrung the information out of him.

  • 3 to twist and break (an animalís neck):

    You take one step in his direction and I'll wring your neck.
    One day i tried to wring a chicken's neck like i saw my aunts do.
    Mom had wrung the heads off three chickens and had one more to go.

  • 4 cause pain or distress to:

    Read over again those cruel lines of yours, and let them wring your very soul!
    Mr. Pilkington had said his say and departed, a pitiful figure, a spectacle which should have wrung her heart.

Past simple

  • wrung  /rʌŋ/

  • wringed

Past participle

  • wrung  /rʌŋ/

  • wringed

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