Learn English Irregular Verbs - Rewrite

rewrite /ˈriːraɪt/

  • change something already written or write something again differently, especially in order to improve it:

    Then one afternoon, when Woods was rewriting part of the book which might never be published, the postman knocked at the front door.
    In my twenty-five years as a television and film writer, I have rewritten literally hundreds of teleplays and screenplays.
    Storytelling is the talent of rewriting until you discover the subtle nuances within the story and know how to reveal them to add greater depth to the story.
    The 1960 amendment rewrote this section, changing the license from one to fish in certain counties to one to fish in the Commonwealth.

Past simple

  • rewrote  /ˌriːˈrəʊt/

  • rewrit

Past participle

  • rewritten  /ˌriːˈrɪtn/

  • rewrit

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