Learn English Irregular Verbs - Thrive

thrive /θraɪv/

  • to grow very well, or to become very healthy or successful:

    The business is thriving.
    His plans have allowed me to thrive in my life in a way I never thought possible.
    During their stay upon the island they planted some corn, which throve exceedingly well.
    This stable environment allowed the empire to function smoothly and the economy to thrive.
    Originally the primary commercial district in the community was the Broadway streetcar corridor which grew and thrived as a downtown Main Street into the 1950s.
    Honest American industry has always thriven, when it has thriven at all, on freedom; it has never thriven on monopoly.

Past simple

  • throve  /θrəʊv/

  • thrived

  • thrave

Past participle

  • thriven  /ˈθrɪv(ə)n/

  • thrived

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